Palette Records PALCD-986 / Cordes Sur Bois - Strings on wood

Fredrik Burstedt - violin

The Swedish Serenade Ensemble

Stefan Solyom

Music by:
Mats Larsson Gothe / Per Mårtensson / Joakim Sandgren

Playing time:

Press release in swedish (.PDF):

Images from the recording session:
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Cordes sur bois - Strings on wood. Music written for one of the most appreciated solo
instrument of all times. An instrument that has been there for a long time. The violin.
Five pieces by three swedish composers. Performed by Fredrik Burstedt, the concert
master of the Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra.

Fredrik Burstedt has been working together with the composers, finding out new ways of
playing and coloring the violin sound, in some cases by the use of live electronics.

In the awarded violin concerto by Per Mårtensson the composer is playing with the sound
of the violin using live electronics and computer controlled sequences during the performance.

  • Large version of the presentation of Fredrik Burstedt

  • Large version of the presentation of composers

    Some press comments.

    Musical Pointers

    Sveriges Radio: ( Kjells 20, 2005-03-25

    If the link is broken, read it Here

    Östgöta Correspondenten 2005 03 28

    Dagens Nyheter 2005 04 27

    "Cordes sur bois" has been nominated to a grammy in the category "Best Classical Soloist 2005"
    The CD was produced with finance from the Swedish National Council for Cultural Affairs. International
    distribution: CDA in Stockholm - website:

    Booklet design: Jonas Sjövall Cover photo: Ewa Levau Booklet text: Tony Lundman
    Producer: Patrik Håkansson Recording and editing: Patrik Håkansson

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