W. A. MOZART: Chamber Music for Strings and Winds.

Flute Quartet K. 285b, String Quartet K. 421, Clarinet Quintet K. 581.
Joanna Markson Falk - Flute, Johnny Jannesson - Clarinet, The Sonika Quartet, The Holmen Quartet

"..sensible Mozart interpretation" "Splendid playing, the best possible portrayal" "..careful and emotionally tense interpretation" "..very flexible and elegant indeed" "The interpretation is characterized by a very sensitive ensemble playing" " animated and amiable conversation between the five instruments" (Clarinet Quintet) "elegantly and spiritually played" (Flute Quartet)

W. A. MOZART: Chamber Music for Strings and Winds. (2)

Duet for violin and viola K.423, Sonata for Bassoon and Cello K.292, Oboe Quartet K.370

"Don┤t give up until you get your hands on this record" "On this CD, eight prominent young musicians get a chanse to show their high quality" "You could either describe the musikal content on the record as sprawling or varied. In any case, the musical performance is on the highest international level."
The duet for Violin and Viola: "... delisiously played by Cecilia Zilliacus and Johanna Persson" The sonata: "....grate performance by Jens Christoph Lemke and Xenia Jankovic" The Oboe Quartet: ...."a very credible interpretation by Jesper Harryson (Oboe), Marika Gustavsson (Violin) Sten Johan Sunding (Viola) and Kati Raitinen (Cello)."

The Swedish Serenade Ensemble
W. A. MOZART: Serenade in Bb K. 361 "Gran Partita"
ANTONIN DVORAK: Serenade in E minor Op. 44.

"When it comes to sonic timbre and dynamics the final result is exceptionally striking! The joyful verve, the shimmering iridescence, the rythmical vitality and the exquisite variations between soli and combinations of instruments are magnificent .." ".. musical vitality and Úlan in the performance" "..the music is lifted to olympic heights" "This is absolutely fantastic music and The Swedish Serenade Ensemble plays it with Brio."

The Swedish Serenade Ensemble

FREDRIK SÍDERBERG: "The Death of Pierrot"
W.A. MOZART: Serenade K. 375, Serenade K. 388

" The Swedish Serenade Ensemble plays with enourmous security and expression. The sound is full and warm (faithfully reproduced by the recording team!) and the splendid interpretation is well thought out. As far as I remember I haven┤t heard any better recording of either Mozart or Strauss." - Stig Jacobsson