PALCD-986 "Cordes sur bois". Recension av Peter Grahame Wolf
i Musical Pointers

Frederik Burstedt 's violin recital (2 concertos and 3 solos) is the most innovative
CD in the batch which I've heard so far, one that satisfies my prime criterion of
absolute uniqueness.

He worked with all the composers ( Martensson , Sandgren & Gothe ) and they
led him to new ways with his instrument which is "burdened by tradition".
The Swedish Serenade Ensemble is mainly winds and the concertos seem to
be honestly balanced (Weill's concerto illustrates the difficulty of violin with
wind ensemble) and might work live.

All three composers are accessible-modern, no minimalism or neo-romanticism
here. Martensson plays 'kaleidoscopic games' with familiar violinistic patterns
and Gothe poses lyrical and machine-like components in opposition.

Working with the composers Burstedt opens new possibilties for the instrument,
notably Sandgren's method to create a personal sound with the string pressed
lightly and the bow moved extremely slowly. His solo has a tape halo of "five
virtual violinists", their "dreamy, reverberant background meeting the dry,
wooden sound" of Burstedt's own violin.

I cannot recommend too highly this generous 80 mins programme, recorded
superbly with a wide dynamic range [Palette PALCD 986].

/Peter Grahame Wolf